Latest Research Highlights

▲ Engineering rationale for protein pores

In this systematic review, we pinpoint locations on all protein pores reported till date in industry and academia alike which provides a biochemical rationale behind the location and type of mutation, and the specific application of these engineered pores.

▲ AI-guided protein structure prediction

A protein language model using orders of magnitude less computing time than state-of-the-art AlphaFold2 while outperforming them on certain proteins. Enables rapid generation of designed proteins which fold, and screen them for function.

▲ Design protein pores

Protein pores offer naturally-optimized sieves for molecular and ionic separations. We learn how certains amino acid sequences fold into pores with selective interiors. We tune existing pores/ design them from scratch for a wide-range of separations.

Enzyme and biosensor engineering

  • Environmental engineering
  • Human health
  • Room-temperature chemistry

  • Designing membrane proteins/ transporters

  • Selective transport of molecules/ ions
  • Bio-based fuel cell

  • Structure-guided metabolic engineering

  • Kinetics of biomolecular conversions
  • Non-model organism pathway design

  • Activity engineering

  • Pushing activity limits of proteins
  • Property tailoring at given activity
  • pH/ temeperature dependancy